Call for abstracts /  Presentations guidelines


Oral Presentation

Each oral presentation should not exceed 20 minutes including the time for potential questions.

Download HERE the official template for your Oral Presentation’s preparation.


Posters (on-site attendance)

The authors with on-site attendanceshould hang their posters in the morning of their presentation and remove them at the end of the poster session.

The preferable dimensions for posters should be 90cm * 110cm (width x height). All posters are required to conform to portrait orientation. Type size should be sufficiently large to allow people to read from 2-3 meters.

The authors  shouldalso send a ppt/pptx file of their poster (16:9 ratio, landscape) by 20/06/2022 to in order for it to be displayed on the conference website as an e-poster. This will allow the on-line participants to view it as well.


e-Posters (on-line attendance)

The authors with on-line attendance should prepare ane-poster that will be displayed on the conference website (and can be accessed anytime from any device) as well as on-site on 55’’ screens (monitors) with full HD resolution (1920x1080) pixels and a widescreen ratio of 16:9.

The e-poster should consist of 1 Powerpoint slide (ppt/pptx format only)witha16:9 ratio to match the screen size. The recommended font sizes for a proper on-screen visualization of the e-poster are:

Title of the slide ≥ 24pt
Authors ≥ 12pt
Affiliations ≥ 9pt
Main text& figure/table labels ≥ 6pt
References ≥ 4pt

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