New Dates and Venue for Pesticides2022
June 23-26, 2022

Dear Colleagues,

The 11th European Conference on Pesticides and Related Organic Micropollutants in the Environment & the 17th Symposium on Chemistry and Fate of Modern Pesticides originally set for 20-23 September 2020 and then 13-16 June 2021, have been rescheduled as PESTICIDES2022 for June 23 - 26, 2022 at the Conference Centre University of Ioannina "Karolos Papoulias", Ioannina, Greece.

The Conference is organized by the Department of Chemistry, School of Sciences, University of Ioannina in cooperation with the Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development (I.E.S.D.), the University Research Center of Ioannina, the International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry (IAEAC)the European-Mediterranean Association for Environmental Education Assessment and Protection (ENEAP), the Gruppo di Ricerca Italiano Fitofarmaci e Ambiente (GRIFA) and the National Research Infrastructure for the Comprehensive Characterization of Foods (FoodOmics).

The program brings together scientists interested in pesticides and the environment, as well as to highlight all the latest methodologies, modeling tools and theoretical approaches which will attract researchers from the international scientific community to exchange ideas and to be informed on a particularly serious problem concerning the quality of the natural environment.

We are delighted to host you in Ioannina for this unique educational experience. A warm thank you, in advance, to our faculty members and guest speakers, our participants and everyone who has contributed to the success of our Conference.

We also extend our gratitude to all members of our committees who worked hard to design a quality high-level scientific event.


The Conference Chair

Prof. Triantafyllos A.D. Almpanis, Rector

Department of Chemistry, University of Ioannina,  Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development, University Research Center of Ioannina (URCI)

The Conference Vice-Chairman

Prof. Ioannis Konstantinou

Department of Chemistry, University of Ioannina, Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development, University Research Center of Ioannina (URCI)

Gain knowledge

Stay up-dated with the latest studies, breakthroughs, journal articles, and protocols in the fields of, namely, environment, chemistry, biology and agriculture.

Get Inspired

Expect fascinating talks by top speakers and young researchers alike. Walk away with knowledge and tools to make your research and practice better.

Explore Greece

Visit the city of Ioannina and grab the chance to experience Greek culture at its best.


Prepare to meet and interact directly with well-acknowledged scientists and experts from all over the world. Through panel discussions, lectures and oral presentations you can have actual conversations and back and forth dialogue with world-renowned specialists.

Organizing - Administrative Bureau/ Secretariat:


Conferre SA: "The Art of Bringing People Together".

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